I came to the Barça of my dreams... "I am full of confidence. I feel good."

I came to the Barça of my dreams... "I am full of confidence. I feel good."

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Joao Felix revealed his love for Barcelona.

Felix was Portugal's biggest prospect. Although he was not physically outstanding, even at his young age, his football sense and intelligence were world-class, and his off-the-ball movement and tactical understanding were outstanding.

He made his mark at Benfica and attracted attention from around the world. After conquering the Portuguese league within the first year of his debut, he was put in the spotlight, hailed as 'the next Ronaldo' and became a 'hot commodity' in the transfer market.

The winner was Atletico Madrid. Atletico, which had let go of Antoine Griezmann at the time, sought to recruit Felix to fill his vacancy. Atlético made a lot of money by selling Griezmann, so they also invested a lot of money in recruiting Felix. A whopping 127.2 million euros (about 181.5 billion won). Felix, who had just entered his 20s at the time, headed to Spain, leaving a mark in world transfer history.

He had high expectations. But this was just 해외축구분석 a vain hope. Felix completely failed to adapt to his Spanish life. In the first year of his transfer, he received quite a few opportunities, including playing in 36 games, including cup competitions, but his offensive points were only 9 goals and 3 assists. Compared to his previous record at Benfica, it has decreased by more than half.

Still, Atlético had faith. Since he is still a young player and the league level has changed, I expected that he would adapt quickly if given time. Even this was a misjudgment. Felix's position at Atletico gradually diminished. League playing time, which was in the 1700s in the first year of check here his transfer, decreased to 1500s in the second season and 1200s in the third season. In the first half of the 2022-23 season, he was completely out of action.

He eventually pushed for a transfer. Feeling dissatisfied with his position, Felix sought a transfer after rumors of a rift with manager Diego Simeone were raised and went on loan to Chelsea in the second half of the season. His performance at Chelsea was 4 goals in 20 appearances. Although he couldn't say it was good, Felix was feeling satisfied with his life in London.

However, he failed to complete the transfer. This is because coach Mauricio Pochettino did not include Felix in the plan. So he returned to Atlético, but his position remained the same. In this situation, he publicly stated that he wanted to join Barcelona, ​​and at the end of the transfer market, he succeeded in joining Barcelona, ​​which he had longed for.

After entering the Camp Nou, Felix made his debut. He appeared as a substitute in the 4th round match against Osasuna and played about 10 minutes. Although there wasn't enough time to show off his talents, Felix received positive reviews for his fluid movements.

I myself was full of confidence. According to British media 'Sport Kida', he said: "I feel good. I am confident. Physically too. Although I haven't played much time, I am ready to become stronger at Barcelona. I want to help the team. Left “I feel most comfortable playing on the wing, and coach Xavi Hernández also wants to use me in that position.”

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